How well do you know your prospects? Email can be a powerful way to connect with potential customers, but you need to know information about your prospects before sending. If you can craft customized and personalized emails, you can convert email opens to loyal customers. Here are three tips for reaching prospects with high-quality emails:

What are cold emails?

A cold email is an email sent to an individual who has no previous connection with your business or who may not have even heard about your business.

Simply put, the email is sent to the receiver with the goal of converting the cold leads into hot leads.

3 Tips to close deals through cold emails:

Subject line:

As much as possible, try to bring important and useful data into your subject line. Try to avoid marketing lines that put your emails into a spam list. The subject line should contain the right content/message that is relevant to the email. Look at the previous sales emails you sent and see what really works with your specific audience. Are there specific topic lines you used that had excellent open rates? If yes, don't try to reinvent the wheel if you already have a method that works well. In today's world, there are so many distinct individuals, products and sectors, you can’t expect to succeed by just imitating everyone else. Example subject line can be a guide but do not take someone’s example to be a great subject line. This doesn't always improve the open rate, so focus on making the subject line be interesting and personal.

Research before sending emails:

It is very important to do research before sending emails. Why? Because it is off-putting for the potential customer to be addressed with a different name, misspelled words, wrong designation, company name, etc. For example: Saying “Hi Adma” instead of Adam or using Mr. to Mrs. isn’t going to win you any promising leads. If we have direct communication with someone, we don't call them by other names the incorrect name or mistake them for the opposite gender without feeling like a complete fool. Don't let the safety of being behind a screen let you become lazy. This can be avoided when complete research is done of an individual person before sending emails and this will really turn into a valuable customer. We are in the world of technology, we use the internet and there's the data that we need. We can and should make use of it to our benefit.

Keep it personalized:

Even if we have constructed the ideal cold email template, we want to customize it for each prospect, and I'm not just talking about customizing with "[[ INSERT FIRST NAME ]]." Do your study and use it for your benefit. College football is one of their interests? Perfect; start a conversation. Their business has just launched a new product? Even better; send a note congratulating them. My point is, let the person know that you really care about them, and even if you have acquired their email address as part of a list of 500 other people, you will get much further by taking the time to learn about them, rather than blasting off the same message to 500 people and hoping that something sticks.


Cold emails are a perennial sales tool,  and will not go away as long as there are email addresses. So, it is important to take these tips into account. Remember that you are emailing real people. Hence, it is important to focus on the above steps that can help to fill your pipelines.