Frequent or extended pauses in communication are the first indication that your sales are stalled. If you are deferred to other decision-makers, you are in the waiting area. The second sign is when your main contact changes. Are you unexpectedly brought to new managers who have new demands? The final and most obvious indication that your sales strategy is going nowhere is when your contacts suddenly don't connect or respond.

Getting back on track

  • Before your lead fizzles out completely, act rapidly to solve issues
  • Ask the prospects why an issue appears
  • Place yourself in the shoes of your prospects and think from their perspective.
  • Patience is always the key, wait until you figure out where you are going wrong.

Remain positive

The universe of marketing is an extremely dynamic ecosystem and being positive will assist you in achieving your objective almost always. Positivity is just as contagious as fear; when you begin to have fear of losing the deal, it is most likely to happen. Be careful not to focus on your financial objectives, rather focus on the needs of your prospects.

Know what’s important

When coping with candidates who are stalling, the most significant part to note is that you are working for them. You have to bring yourself into their point of view and attempt to understand what they want to do and what you have to do to meet those requirements.

You've been asking questions and taking good notes. When you are stalled is a good time to go back to them to get to the core of their issue; most importantly figure out what you can do to fix it.

Change in priorities

It's not unusual for your customers to modify their preferences in a company setting where change occurs quicker and is more disruptive. Deals can sometimes slide because your client's preferences have shifted.

When their priorities change, they have time only to focus on the most important ones. You can get the opportunity back on track if you prove your value to their current priority. Sometimes you need to develop a fresh alternative that applies to the new goals for your customers.

Set a specific date and time for the next appointment

Moving from vague to specific is crucial in maintaining control over the sales process. Not setting a definite date to follow-up indicates lack of focus in solving problems, especially when the sale is stalled. Keep your prospects up to a particular deadline and do not acknowledge a tentative excuse for a postponement.

Final words

If you think it could be easy not to let your clients stall, you haven’t been in sales long. It is common to have deals that aren’t moving forward for a long period of time, but an experienced salesperson can persevere and revitalize deals that are floundering. Just refuse to give up and take a strategic approach to stalled sales prospects.