What is a chatbot?

A chatbot is a computer program driven by an artificial intelligence system that performs internet customer discussions via short message service (SMS). Interactions can vary from normal issues to more complicated ones that can address issues such as troubleshooting.

Advantages of using chatbots in customer service:

  • Chatbots significantly enhance customer relationships. Customers frequently have similar concerns, and many responses can be given by chatbots
  • Chatbots save your customer support reps a lot of time. Chatbots can address easy tasks which might need just a quick response directing inquiries to a specific website page, enabling customer service reps to focus on queries that’ll need more time
  • Chatbots are available around the clock
  • Using CRM, you know your customer’s crucial information. With this, you can program your chatbots enabling for personalized responses. It can also help in promoting sales.

CRM and chatbot

A well-automated chatbot feature can compliment a CRM and facilitate relationships with customers, both present and future clients. As stated above, chatbots can assist with the knowledge of customer service, which is what customer relationship management software does. It's an immediate route to communicate with clients

Wondering about the sales representative's future?

Effective human customer service & marketing reps still have job security despite all the publicity chatbots and AI receivie. It's going to take years until AI knows how to manage queries with empathy, yet when it comes to managing the chatbot's item, register, and request queries, chatbots & CRM are the best solutions. Save your human resources for interactions in which they can be highly effective, and use chatbots to manage simple requests and filter potential clients.

How chatbots are used in different industries


In the banking sector, chatbots can assist clients in handling cash, monitoring expenditures and analyzing expenditures across various applications via the mobile app.

Automated insurance agent

Chatbots provide all policy-related data such as discounts, paid bills, and upcoming payments. They can also offer recommendations on which policy to purchase and sell. As Policyholders can be informed either through the website or an application directly to their smartphones.

When chatbots and CRM come together

Chatbots can assist you in gaining loyalty by helping your customers, because they work round the clock, your customers will know you are going the extra mile in rendering your service to them.

Improve cross-selling and up-selling opportunities through chat features, and all this can be incorporated with CRM effortlessly.

You can also facilitate lead conversion instantly with queries and navigating through the website.