The basic principles of sales may not change from year to year, but the tools we have at our disposal certainly do. Whether you’re looking for better automation, more robust data analysis, or integration with more social media platforms, it’s time to take your business to the next level by upgrading to the newest and most efficient sales app.

Why do you need a sales app?

First, what is a sales app and why do you need one?

Essentially, it’s a sales platform that your sales reps can use to view customer profiles, record data, and even demo products in the field.

But sales apps aren’t just for outside sales reps. They can make things more efficient for inside sales reps too, by providing them with document storage, productivity tools, and shared task lists that they can carry across multiple devices.

Sales apps make it easy to work remotely and maintain consistent sales routines across teams, both inside and outside the office.

While your sales app may take the form of CRM (Customer Relationship Management) software, not all sales apps are CRMs, and vice-versa.

In some cases, a full CRM would be too complex for your field sales team to use easily on a mobile device, and would get in the way of streamlined sales activities.

They key to a good sales app is functionality, and your sales app should be tailored to the specific tasks you want your team to accomplish.

Whether that’s prospecting, lead management, or sales generation, we’re here to help you choose the best app for your team with this list of the best sales apps for 2020.

It’s time to turn to prospecting apps.

Prospecting apps are where you turn when you need to build your prospect list, qualify leads, and ultimately, bring them further along on your sales pipeline.

These apps focus on the early stages of the game: helping you gather enough data to find out whether your leads are the right fit in the first place.

If your goal for 2020 is to expand your customer base and attract new leads, then you’ll want your sales team to have one of these top prospecting apps handy.


First, let’s take a look at OnCourse, an all-in-one CRM and sales engagement platform that can help you automate lead generation and build an efficient sales pipeline.

OnCourse offers a data migration service and integrates with Gmail, Google Calendar, and other mobile apps, making it easy to import your existing customer data.

It also logs phone calls, chats, and other customer contact automatically, so you don’t have to worry about building up a prospect’s profile manually.

Plus, you can automate many marketing tasks, from link building and PR, to influencer outreach and list segmentation.

If you need a prospecting app that your sales, marketing, and customer support teams can all benefit from, OnCourse may be right for you.

OnCourse offers a free trial and a quote-based pricing plan based on team size.


If you’re looking for a lead generation app for B2B sales, consider LeadFeeder, which turns your website visitors into prospects.

How does it work? LeadFeeder uses Google Analytics to track which companies visit your website, and which pages they are most interested in.

From there, LeadFeeder gathers information about the company, including their contact details and the names of major decision-makers there.

Then, you can have that information added to your CRM, or emailed to your sales team for further outreach. LeadFeeder isn’t an all-in-one-tool, but it can help you streamline the first step in the prospecting process.

Plans start at $59/month, after a 14-day free trial.


Looking for a way to engage with new leads that doesn’t eat into your team’s sales time? Consider using ManyChat, a chatbot that works with SMS and Facebook Messenger.

ManyChat helps with lead generation by reaching visitors before they leave your site, and keeping the conversation going over their preferred communication channel.

It’s easy to set up a customized chatbot using the drag-and-drop designer, and you can connect it with other tools, including SMS and email.

Chatbots offer a higher open rate and CTR than many other channels, making it a good choice for drawing prospects into your sales pipeline.

ManyChat offers a free plan, and a Pro plan for $10/month, as well as a free YouTube course to help you get started building your first chatbot.

Voila Norbert

Prospecting for leads is all well and good, but what happens when you can’t find their contact details? That’s where Voila Norbert comes in.

This platform helps you find the email address of corporate decision-makers and other high-value leads by searching for their name and company.

You can even use a Chrome plugin to show you the contact information of prospective leads as you browse the web!

Voila Norbert allows you to validate your emails to avoid impacting your sender score, and enrich your contacts with valuable data to help you reach the right prospects.

With plans starting at $49/month, and your first 50 leads free, Voila Norbert is a great way to bulk up your prospect list.


If you want to drive more leads to your inside sales team, set up a CallPage app on your website to give your potential prospect the option of scheduling a callback.

CallPage uses an AI-powered popup that prompts your website visitors to provide their phone number and be placed next in line for a near-instant call.

CallPage shows that a 28-second wait has the highest conversion rate, but if you’re out of the office, visitors can request a time they’d like to hear from you instead.

This is an easy way to add new phone numbers to your CRM, while calling your leads back at the optional time to make a conversion.

CallPage offers a free 7-day trial, and monthly plans based on lead quantity.

Lead Management Apps

Once you’ve added these leads to your pipeline, it’s time for you to qualify and convert them. Qualifying a lead means ensuring that they really are a prospect, that you aren’t wasting your time and money by following up with them.

Lead management apps can help you navigate this process, by automating callbacks, scheduling sales demos, creating email campaigns, and more.

Let’s take a look at a few of the top lead management apps for 2020:

1 OnCourse

In addition to prospecting, OnCourse has a range of tools to help you manage your new leads. While other lead generation apps stop at the prospecting stage, OnCourse keeps your leads engaged with a full set of CRM capabilities.

It also features built-in scheduling options so your leads can book sales demos, as well as in-app call automation, drip campaigns, and SMS sequencing.

You can also use opportunity management tools to track actionable leads and engage with them at the right time and place to close a sale.

Most importantly, OnCourse can scale up with your team so you can continue to move prospects through your pipeline no matter how many new leads you have. Automated reminders will prompt you to follow-up and ensure that you never drop a good lead.

Start off with a free trial, or request a quote that’s customized to your team.

2 Intercom

Intercom is a customer communication platform that can be combined with a CRM for a powerful suite of lead management tools.

Essentially, Intercom is an app store with over 150 apps and integrations that can help you manage leads for an SaaS company or another web-based business.

From live chat tools, to self-service support options like an interactive knowledge base, Intercom keeps your customers informed at every step of the life cycle.

For example, the Get a Demo app allows your leads to request and schedule a product demo, while Aircall now allows you to turn a live chat into a phone call.

Intercom offers a free trial, and paid plans starting at $49/month.

3 GoExhibit

GoExhibit is a lead management platform designed specifically for in-person events. If your sales team will be hitting the road for a trade show or running a local Meetup, this app allows them to capture and manage new leads right from their smartphones.

You can customize the capture form to meet your company’s needs, then distribute it to as many mobile apps as you like.

From there, you can scan business cards or QR codes right into the app, or have your leads input their contact details manually.

From their, segment your leads, export your list into a CRM, and have your inside sales team follow-up with an email or phone call. This is a convenient lead management app for your field sales team, with annual contracts starting at $2,000.

4 Ninja Outreach

Manage your relationships with influencers with Ninja Outreach, a contact management tool. While it’s not a full customer-oriented CRM, it’s useful for businesses interested in building up an influencer marketing strategy through targeted outreach.

Ninja Outreach starts by finding influencers based on keywords, then crawls profiles to find email addresses, social media accounts, SEO stats, and more.

From there, you can schedule messages to bloggers, journalists, and other influencers, with automated follow-ups. Use Ninja Outreach to line up blog posts, product reviews, podcasts, social media mentions, and online campaigns.

Pricing starts at $49/month after a 7-day free trial.

5 Salesgenie

Salesgenie is another option for a lead management app if you want to combine your sales and marketing strategies into a single platform.

Salesgenie uses U.S. and Canadian business and consumer data to provide you with detailed profiles and up-to-date prospects.

It also offers email and direct mail marketing campaigns, so you can reach out to leads and keep them engaged through multiple channels. And, it’s a Google AdWords™ and Yahoo! reseller, allowing you to advertise on search engine as well.

Packages start at $79/month after a 3-day free trial.

Sales Engagement Apps

Finally, we’ll take a look at sales engagement apps, which are intended to turn leads into paying customers. Whether your sales pipeline is short and efficient, or you nurture your leads for years, these are the apps you turn to when it’s time to close a deal.

Use these apps to monitor your field sales team, add a personal touch to a sales call, or cross-sell or upsell existing customers. Here are our top picks for 2020:

1 OnCourse

OnCourse is a great CRM for companies that want to keep all of their lead management and sales activities in one place. If you’re already using it to prospect and manage your leads, bring your best sales reps on board to help with the next step in the process.

With its built-in phone tools, they’ll spend less time dialing and more time on sales calls. You can also use a local phone number to improve pickup rates, and leave pre-recorded voicemails if your prospects don’t pick up after all.

You can also see detailed reports on your phone and email campaigns, including call duration, open rates, and other important metrics.

Reach out to the OnCourse team to get a customized quote and start your free trial.

2 Field Force Connect

If you’re managing a team of field sales reps, then you won’t need to look further than Field Force Connect, which helps boost field organization and productivity.

First, its geo-location tools allow you track your sales reps and monitor their attendance anywhere in the world, using state-of-the-art geofencing technology. You can also use the app for shift scheduling and task delegation. Additionally, its e-document options streamline sales activities for paperless teams.

3 Bonjoro

For sales reps that want to make a personal connection with their leads, Bonjoro lets you reach out with perfectly-timed videos. Use personalized recordings or pre-recorded clips to introduce yourself, thank a donor or buyer, or check-in with a client over time.

Bonjoro integrates with hundreds of CRMs and marketing tools, making it easy to boost conversion rates and retain loyal customers with a unique personal touch.

Bonjoro is free to use if you send less than 50 videos per month with Bonjoro branding. For unlimited videos and custom branding, pricing starts at $25 per user.

4 Salesloft

Salesloft is a sales engagement platform that’s ideal for account-based sales and deal management. You can upsell easily by integrating Salesloft into your CRM and BI tools, and personalize renewal cadences with segmented lists and customized videos.

It also offers more advanced tools such as engagement triggers, A/B testing, recording authentication, timestamped notetaking, and more.

Salesloft offers plans for both enterprise and small/medium businesses.


Lastly, is a collaborative sales engagement platform that can be used by marketing, sales, closing, and customer support teams alike.

It offers sales sequencing and personalization, sales intelligence tiles, and a range of other integrative tools -- including Amplify, a machine learning suite.

It also offers Galaxy, an app marketplace that brings all of your activities into the same workflow. Outreach is for teams that focus on metrics and pipeline optimization.

An All-In-One CRM

There are no shortage of sales apps to help your team make the most of 2020. But if you want access to all of these tools in one place, we think an all-in-one CRM like OnCourse is the way to go. Reach out to the OnCourse team today to request a demo!